Today businesses in Uganda and worldwide are looking for a more personalized experience to interact with customers. What better tool can provide this experience than digital conversational marketing tools like WhatsApp. live chat, and Facebook messenger. Conversational marketing is the use of digital chatbots, forms and quizzes to provide an efficient , fast real-time interaction with clients of a business. In previous articles, we have discussed the benefits of using conversational marketing tools in your business. We've also gone into the nitty-gritty of what digital conversational marketing is.

Before we list down the top conversational marketing tools, let me define what a chatbot is.

What is a Chatbot?

chat bots for digital conversational marketing
chatbots for digital conversational marketing

Chatbots are preprogrammed messaging applications used to provide auto-generated responses to customers that visit a brand's digital channels. They are commonly seen on websites or social media platforms of brands. Examples include website chatbots, Facebook messenger bots, drift,botfuel, and WhatsApp business bots. Chatbots are digital conversational marketing tools.

Here are the top 5 conversational marketing tools for digital marketing

1. Whatsapp Business

whatsapp business app
Whatsapp Business app

This is an artificially intelligent chatbot application that enables businesses to chat with clients in real-time at any time of the day. Since WhatsApp Messenger is the most used messaging app worldwide with a user base of over 2 billion users. 1 billion of those being daily active users of the application. It makes it the most irreplaceable application in the world. Furthermore, using WhatsApp business to communicate to millions of users around the world at almost the same time increases the number of customer conversions brands generate. This is precisely what makes WhatsApp business number one on our top 5 conversational marketing tools. Its user base.

2. Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Facebook messenger app
Facebook messenger app

This is a messaging application that users use to communicate with other Facebook users on the Facebook social media platform. Other than just using it to communicate with other users. Brands can instantly communicate directly to clients that directly visit their Facebook page in real-time using Messenger chatbots. This enables customers to gain insights from brands immediately. Facebook Messenger also has more than 70 million active users daily and, 1.3 billion monthly users .

3. Livechat applications

Live chat agent
Live chat

Livechat applications are different from chatbots. Furthermore, the interaction is purely human to human. With Live chat Brand's use their employees to directly communicate to visitors and customers on a brand's digital platform. Livechat tools are usually visible on websites or web applications. Just like its name live chat happens live and instant in real-time. This enables brands to provide a personalized interaction with customers without delay, resulting in higher service delivery. Live chat is normally used to provide sales support or customer support in real-time. This is precisely why Live chat is number 3 on our top 5 conversational marketing tools. Examples of the most commonly used live chat software includes Livechat inc, Bitrix24 and Live agent.

4. Contact Forms

contact forms
Contact forms for digital marketing

One of the most effective forms of generating leads for your business within the shortest time possible is contact forms. Contact forms are digital conversational marketing tools that are used to capture potential client information like an inquiry or customer feedback. On top of that, they also specifically target client contact information like phone number, address, and email. This makes them a very effective conversational marketing tool. This is the reason why they make it to our top 5 conversational marketing tools. Examples of the most common contact forms include WPforms, formidable forms, contact form 7.

5. Quizzes and Opinion polls

Online quizzes and opinion polls are definitely conversational marketing tools. Why? Because they facilitate communication between a client and a brand. Consider a Ugandan telecommunication service that offers data bundles to its clients. If they were to create a quiz or an online opinion poll to find out which bundles worked for their customers the most? They would have started a digital conversation with their clients or prospective customers.

Another example to consider is a Cinema based in Uganda's capital Kampala. If the Cinema inquired from different customers through a quiz on what kind of movie genres they like? Then suggested movies that fit the clients liking, wouldn't they convert more leads? This is precisely why online quizzes and opinion polls make it to the top 5 conversational marketing tools. Opinion polls can be created on different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram stories. Other polling software that can get user contact information include Poll junkie and easy poll for embedding into your website.