Digital marketing has never been much more enhanced and customer-targeted as it is today. This is all largely due to customer insight tools that identify potential client audiences from various digital platforms. Today digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat combined are used by millions of active Ugandan internet users. With these platforms, advertisers are able to understand user interests and preferences on a large scale.

Today successful marketers are using customer insights to deliver the right custom ads experience to potential customers at the right time. With customer insights, digital advertising is more consumer-centric. Furthermore, marketing teams are now able to anticipate purchasing intent from their potential customers in real-time. This, in turn, leads to boosts in business sales of brands harnessing the power of customer insight tools.

In addition, customer insights tools target customer engagements and conversations on brand products, services, niches, and interests. Meaning the customer Insights tools are more geared towards public user interaction with the brand's official social media handles and digital pages. So there is little to worry about user privacy data.

In this article, we list down the top 5 digital marketing customer insights tools that are used today.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Customer Insight tools today

1. YouTube Analytics

Youtube has billions of users watching worldwide. In fact, on average users view over 300 hours of video per month according to Defining audiences on youtube has never been simpler with the use of Youtube Analytics.

Youtube analytics dashboard

Youtube analytics includes a customer demographics tab advertisers can use to identify potential clients who have picked an interest in their brand's videos. Information on the audience's interests, age, gender and location of your viewers is displayed on the youtube analytics dashboard. The statistics generated from the audience demographics enables marketing teams to create better-personalized content that can captivate the brand's audience. This, in turn, leads to higher conversions of potential clients into purchasing clients of the business.

Youtube analytics enables advertisers to attract more customers. With youtube analytics, advertisers can detect the average point their viewers leave. It is at this point that a brand advert can be placed to capture the attention of the viewer 10 seconds before the users leaves.

2. Google Trends

Gain in-depth customer insights using Google trends. Google trends is the perfect customer insight tool to find out which topic your customers have an interest in.

Consider a fashion brand in Kampala that would like to stay on top of the next trend in fashion. Google trends enables advertisers to find out which fashion trends are rising and falling.

fashion trend keywords on google trends

Google trends show business marketing teams the most popular topics in your niche. Designing well-tailored messages that satisfy your audience customer trends leads to more business conversions for any brand.

3. Google analytics

Google Analytics is one o the most popular customer insights tools or digital marketing. Find out where your visitors are coming from their demographics and the particular content that interests them on your website.

Whereas digital marketeers use google analytics to find out the amount of traffic their website generates. Google Analytics has an amazing customer insight tool called Goal funnel. Find out how many potential clients go through the purchase process of your e-commerce website with this tool.

The digital marketing tool displays how many of your potential clients abandon a purchase at a particular stage. With this tool, advertisers can tailor messages for these kinds of potential clients to complete their purchase or gain feedback on why the purchase was abandoned.

aquisition journey
customer aquisition journey in Google analytics

4. Social Searcher.

Social searcher is a customer insight tool that has the potential to cover brand information on moreover 11 digital marketing platforms. It provides real-time analysis of your social media customer insights. Social searcher enables marketing teams to discover which customers engage with business content, products and services.

social searcher dashboard

5. Facebook audience insights.

Facebook audience insights is also among one of the best customer insight tool for digital marketers. The Facebook platform has over 2 million active Ugandan users and about 2 billion users worldwide. Advertisers can use Facebook audience manager to understand their audience demographics and interests better in real-time. Therefore, having The Facebook audience manager is a plus for your business marketing team. These audience insights can be further segmented by advertisers. Furthermore, marketing teams will be able to come up with tailored messages designed for each specific target audience. This will inturn lead to a boost in sales.

To access Facebook Audience Manager

Go to Facebook Ads Manager and click on Tools bar, you will access it at the top right. From the dropdown list, select Audience Insights. Or use the following URL to access Audience Insights directly: