Business owners in the digital age are seeking for their website to become a relevant point of reference on the Google search engine. They are looking to grow their brand's online presence on the web and on social media. This can be achieved by generating a lot of website traffic on their brand’s website. Website traffic is a calculation of the number of visitors a website or webpage gets.

In this article, we discuss 8 ways your marketing team can grow your website traffic in Uganda and world wide.

8 Digital marketing strategies to grow your Website Traffic

1. Create content aggressively

There is no other way that your website is going to gain progressive traffic, other than through constantly generating relevant content for your niche. For this reason, it is important to create content that is appealing to your audience. Create news-update based blog posts about your niche that are short and eye-catching. This goes a long way in generating traffic. Including galleries, pictorials and dinners that your brand organizes or partakes in can do the trick. Generating video content on your website to explain the most complex modules in your business services or products also makes content relevant to your readers. This, in turn, increases the website traffic your business gets. Since first-time readers will always keep coming back to view your engaging content. Writing irresistible headlines is also a way to generate traffic for your website. Since there could be a lot of content out there related to your niche, an eye-catching topic will draw the attention of your readers quickly instantly and increase your website traffic.

creating eye-catching content

2. Advertise

Advertise, advertise, advertise. Utilize Google Search ads and Social media marketing by making your content available on these platforms. Applying these advertising methods can triple your website traffic greatly and effectively. Have your content on your website ranking highly on Google with Google paid search, and boosting your posts on social media with your website link will go a long way increasing web traffic for your website.

3. Share your content on Social Media

Different social media platforms content can be shared through

What's the whole point of creating content if you're not going to share it. Sharing website content on your brand's social media handle can increase your website traffic significantly. Since millions of people in Uganda use various social media platforms and billions around the world. Social media is a powerful tool to disseminate your website content by sharing links from your web content. The great thing about social media is that sharing your content is completely free. Unless you opt for paid ads that will boost your content to thousands of viewers at a specific time. Sharing your web content on social media gives you a massive audience and leads to an increase in website traffic.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website content for search engines boost website traffic significantly. Create Meta descriptions and internally link your website content. Optimize your image description for Search and improve the richness of your content. This significantly improves your content ranking for keywords on Google. Avoid plagiarizing content from other websites as well. Rich original content is what works best to give you an edge in improving your website traffic.

5. Guest blog on other websites, invite other bloggers to blog on your Website too

If you really want to improve your website traffic, guest blog on a reputable website in your niche. Don't forget to drop your link in the blog post too. Not only does this improve your SEO ranking it significantly boosts your chances of gaining viewership. Since readers from other blogs will be referred to your blog for more relevant content. Guest blogging makes your website highly recommendable. Similarly, allowing other external guest bloggers to make blog posts on your website boosts both brands. It establishes your website content as an authority. This, in turn, will boost your web traffic. Aside from having only guest bloggers chipping in with content on your website. Interviewing different personalities in your community increases your chances of gaining web traffic too. Personalities like thought leaders in your society, relevant individuals in your niche. Similarly Interviewing your business customers or ordinary citizens that have interacted with your brand also boosts web traffic. This not only improves your website traffic but also your search ranking with popular search engines.

6. Attend events, create webinars and interact with the community.

There is no other better way to boost your traffic than attending community events within your niche. Setting up and organizing your own community events is even an added bonus. Other digital marketing strategies like hosting webinars and online meetings on the web, also boost your web traffic. This is because when you interact with the community and refer to the web content on your website you create awareness of your brand. Thus more people will look out for your website and its content for referral purposes. Attending other community events hosted by other different stakeholders in your community and niche equally promotes your brand and online content.

7. Optimize your website's speed, responsiveness and display

Ensuring your website is responsive and viewable across multiple devices is very important. Doing so boosts your website traffic since users on multiple devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops will all be able to view your content easily without straining their sight or adjusting their screens. Similarly in terms of responsiveness, interlinking your content and making it clickable for viewers to scroll through and navigate to other parts of your website increases web traffic. This is because your viewers will be able to view multiple parts of your website and different content at a go. This improves web traffic of your different pages, products, and content on your site. Having an organized, simplified attractive display of your content, makes it eye-catching and attracts more readers. The same goes for your websites' speed. No one wants to read through or navigate through content that takes ages to load. It is therefore imperative that you continuously monitor your website speed through speed testing tools and have your IT department ensure your website is loading fast enough for your viewers not to leave.

8. Don't forget email marketing.

Email marketing

Lastly increasing traffic on your website is significantly possible using email marketing. Email marketing is a very powerful digital marketing strategy. Not only is it just a traditional digital marketing strategy that continues to stand the test of time. It can also increase web traffic for your content. Forwarding your weekly website content, links, and reminders through email to interested stakeholders that are part of your niche regularly will definitely boost your viewership numbers. Especially when you have the emails of your audience that has been attending webinars and events related to your niche in your community.

The strategies above have been tested and proven with time and our team at Campaign Uganda recommends these strategies when utilized well, will significantly increase your website traffic.