The .ug name domain namespace is reserved for use by companies based in Uganda. Provided in this article is a guide to buying Uganda's .ug domain by Infinity Computers and Communications, the sole company that maintains the .ug domain registry service since 1994.

The UG Registry is the Registry for [.UG] Top Level Country Domain Names. The ccTLD managers operate an open registry with no restriction who can register domain names for as long they have a lawful or legitimate need to use the domain name.

At the moment there is no requirement for the intending Registrant to furnish the Registry with proof of legal existence.

Steps to buying Uganda's .ug domain.

Step 1: Go to The Uganda Domain Registry Website

Navigate to which is the official Uganda domain registration site URL. 3rd party vendors of the Ugandan domain are often more expensive. home

Step 2: Create an Account

If you already have an account on you can skip this step.

Click on the "Create One" to create a new user account. Fill in your details in the registration form that is provided. You can leave the Nameserver information empty for now. create new account

After filling in the required fields, click the submit button.

Go to your email inbox the one that you used to create the account and find the confirmation email. Click on the confirmation link to complete registration.

Step 3: Register a new domain.

Now that registration is complete, log into the registration site from here You should now be able to see your user dashboard. user dashboard

click on the register new domain link and search for the availability of the Domain Name of your choice. search available domain page

All suffices for Domain Names must alphanumerical characters or numerals not exceeding a total of 26 characters and numerals, or a combination of both.

Selecting the appropriate second-level .ug extension

On right left most search field, you will see a drop-down for second-level domain extension. Here is a simple guide on choosing the right domain extension to register. For a more detailed analysis of which domain will give you an edge in marketing, use this follow this link.

  • – Use this if you are running a businesses or commercial (For-Profit) Entity same as
  • – Use this if you are running a Non-Government (Not for Profit ) entity.
  • – This Category is for Higher Institutes of Learning such as Universities, or those that award Degrees, Diploma or Certificates in different professions
  • – This is suitable for Educational Institutions at the secondary school level and below
  • – This is suitable for Governments Agencies such as Ministries, or Autonomous Agencies and Authorities
  •, – These 2 categories are suitable for operators of Network Infrastructure services such as Internet Exchange Points, wholesale resellers of Internet bandwidth, and such similar services
  • – Recommended Country Level Domain (CLD) for Medical or Health Organizations in Uganda
  • – Recommended Country Level Domain (CLD) for Non-Governmental Organizations in Uganda
  • – Recommended Country Level Domain (CLD) for Legal Firms and Practitioners in Uganda
  • – Alternative Country Level Domain (CLD) for commercial companies and business entities in Uganda
  • – Alternative Country Level Domain (CLD) for commercial companies and business entities in Uganda.

Purchasing the domain

When you find a domain that you desire, you will know that it's available when you see the continue button in green after search.

Click on the continue button to make a purchase.

The next page will display the details of all the domains you are purchasing.

If you want to remove an item from the cart list, click on the action drop-down button and select "remove"

If you want to increase the domain registration period, click on the action and select "edit" in the dropdown. You should be able to see a field to increase the registration period.

Once you confirm that the details of the cart are accurate, click on the checkout button to purchase.

Here you have a couple of options with which to effect payment of your brand new shiny domain.

To use a credit card or your PayPal account to pay, use the PayPal option one. To use MTN's mobile money select Yo payments or beyonic payments.

Once you complete your payment process, your domain will be available in the domains list which you access by clicking the List My Domains link.

Important Remarks

Make sure you provide correct and reachable E-mail contacts and phone contacts.

In many instances, queries made after business hours are addressed the next working day. It's important to provide working contacts to resolve problems either by UG Domain Registry Staff or by the customer directly.

If the domain managers experience problems getting in touch with the delegated manager the delegation may be delayed or revoked altogether.

It is the responsibility of Domain Name owner to notify the UG Domain Registry about any changes in the Name Server information that should be reflected in the UG Domain zone files, or for that matter of any changes in the Administrative and Technical contact information.

When the registrant doesn't fill the correct information, the registry uses its default copy.

Domain Name Registrants must follow the guidelines as set forth in the current UG Domain agreements and policies published here on this Website.

Domain Name Registrants must follow the guidelines as set forth in the current UG Domain agreements and policies published here on this Website.