The digital marketing space has never been more competitive than it is right now worldwide. The growth of platforms such as google, facebook, and other social media platforms has changed the media advertisement space over the last 20 years. Digital addresses such as websites and emails have also contributed to the rapid change in the advertising industry.

Advertising once a small million-dollar industry all over the world decades and centuries ago when it came to newspaper publications, with brands like the New York Times , the daily mail and the daily nation which established themselves as the biggest media brands in the world in the early 1900 inspiring centuries of works of publication in other nations other than the United States.

In Uganda today we have two leading news companies new vision and daily monitor that surged in the late 1900s to complement existing radio and television stations which were few at that time.

Fast forward to the 21st century, not only do we have numerous television stations, radio stations, and newspapers. The media industry has adapted to the digital age of social media. Which is now a billion-dollar industry with billions of users worldwide online.

Television, newspaper, and radio adverts are still the most expensive with a minimal budget of 400,000 Ugandan shillings to  3,000,000 Ugandan shillings per day ranging on the medium used and the frequency the ad is run per day. Television, radio, and newspaper typically define mass and mainstream media in Uganda, Africa and worldwide.

Although these mediums have proven to be effective over a number of generations they are however expensive to the pocket when it comes to small and medium enterprises entering the Ugandan market. This makes digital marketing a solution for them.

Below we list down the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing methods.

Advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing methods

Low Cost

Yes, digital marketing today can be done by any business of any size , irrespective of the budget the business has on advertising. Running an advertisement on facebook, twitter and Instagram is definitely cheaper than having it run on television or radio. Some individuals have grown their brands on social media without even spending a single coin. Their online engagement with customers and constant updates they give to their clients are enough for them to get attractive business. So running a social media campaign today can even be completely free irrespective of the costs that you spend on data.

Brand development

With digital marketing, you get to run your own personal channel. To channel out information to your potential clients compared to other traditional advertising methods. With that in place you can be able to run promotions ads, display banners and branded logos on digital platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram and youtube for the entire world to see. This will greatly lead to the development of your brand

Easy to measure.

Digital marketing is relatively easier to measure and analyze compared to using existing print media, television and radio. Different platforms like facebook, google and twitter will give you analytics on the number of people who have viewed your post or advertisement. The age group and demographics of the individuals who are engaging with your ads can also be known within a very short time. This will aid your business in terms of research and development. On social media platforms, you can even engage the customers that have viewed your advert, via direct message.

Easy shareability

Digital marketing gives you a digital footprint compared to other traditional media. Your website, social media handle and youtube channel can always be referred to and referenced to by the click of a button, through search and a shared link. This gives digital marketing a bigger advantage over traditional advertising methods such as television, radio, and newspapers.

Global reach.

With digital marketing, you have a greater global reach and engagement. When you host your website on the world wide web almost absolutely everyone with an internet connection around the world can be able to access it. The same goes for your social media handles. Television radio and print media are disadvantaged when it comes to global reach since international TV and radio channels are expensive to advertise with. Most of these channels are also limited by international boundaries and may run only in their respective countries.

Greater engagement

With digital marketing, there is greater engagement with your potential clients. Different users of social media platforms and web browsing companies have a specific address and handle. An electronic email or message can be sent out to different individuals as compared to mass media platforms like television radio and newspaper. Individuals that have a genuine interest in your products can like your post and from this data, you can be able to easily engage the potential client.

Easier targeting and segmentation of potential clients

With digital marketing, it is easier to segment and targets your potential clients according to age group, location, interests, and demographics. This makes it easier to engage and run an advert that suits people of particular interest or individuals of a specific age bracket. Analytical tools and the algorithms employed by platforms like facebook and google can help you segment your clients into lyrical tools employed by platforms like Facebook and Google make it easier for you to target and segment your potential clients. This also gives digital marketing advantage over traditional platforms.