Today a user's experience while shopping online should be a very fast, simple and intuitive process. Google shopping actions is the right tool that can deliver the perfect tailor-made shopping experience for your customers. Shopping actions enables direct purchasing straight from the Google search network. This helps your business customers on the Google network shop effortlessly in the comfort of their homes while they surfing the internet.

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Here's what you can do with Shopping Actions

Acquire new customers on the Google network

Shopping actions enables businesses to acquire more customers from different google platforms and the Google network.

Shopping actions helps customers to buy products across Google shopping, Google search, Google images, and Youtube. 

Increase sales and loyalty

With the google advertising platform, there are higher customer sales due to the ease in which customers can buy products.

The Google advertising platform provides personalized product recommendations to customers. This boosts business and product sales since customers will be seeing products that they like and are familiar with.

Elevate your brand

Elevate your business's brand by partnering with Google through shopping actions. Build confidence and trust among your business customers with shopping campaigns. In addition, your business will be able to provide a google backed guarantee on customer purchases.

Sell your products directly on Google surfaces

Google Search

With the google advertising platform, businesses have access to hundreds of millions of google customers that make shopping-related searches on Google. 

With the google advertising platform, business customers can seamlessly purchase products as long as they have a google account.

Google Shopping

The Google advertising platform works alongside the Google Shopping platform. This enables millions of people to find millions of products online and in-store across thousands of stores. 

smart shopping campaign illustration

Google shopping assistant

Shopping actions works alongside Google shopping assistant which is a voice-enabled shopping assistant. Business products are available to Google assistant users for purchase just by speaking to their Google Assistant. 

Google images

With the google advertising platform, business customers are able to directly purchase products directly from google images. Shopping Actions on Google Images enables them to make instant purchases of products they view on Google images search.


Shopping actions recently have been incorporated into Youtube videos. Customers are therefore able to make a direct purchase when an inline checkout is displayed to them in the middle of a youtube video.

How are Shopping Actions different from Shopping ads?

Shopping actions advantage over ordinary google shopping ads is that it allows your business customers to purchase products directly from google. While normal google shopping ads drive customers to your website from the Google network.

How do Shopping Actions work?

Shopping Actions are very efficient since the strategy is commission-based, meaning advertisers only pay for the ad when a direct sale is made. 

The advantage of using shopping actions is that Google manages sales, shipping and customer support for your business.

With the Google platform, customers can seamlessly buy products and return them if they do not fit their needs. This service is provided by Google and is called the Google-backed guarantee.