Is your business marketing team struggling to create and manage digital media and video campaigns? Google Display & Video 360 is one of the google marketing tools that can be perfect for your business marketing team to optimize your online digital media marketing campaigns.

Google Display & Video 360 is a single, integrated marketing platform designed to help advertisers and marketers to create, manage and display digital media and video campaigns. Digital media includes visual ads such as images, banner ads, pop up cookies and videos.

 It has been integrated with Google analytics 360 to work alongside other components of the Google analytics suite 360 such as Google data studio, Search ads 360 and the Google Audience Center 360 feature. 

It offers a single integrated platform that advertisers can use to plan online marketing campaigns and analyze a company's audience insights. The goal of using display and video 360 is for your business marketing team to be able to measure and optimize your online digital media campaigns.

Display 360 dashboard


Display & Video 360 allows online marketers to

  • Have better transparency and control: With display 360 business owners can visualize and understand how their money is being spent on Google advertising and have better control of their online advertising budget.
  • Gain insights faster and smarter: Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms used by display 360 in your marketing campaigns automate tasks for advertisers significantly simplifying processes like bidding, insight generation and optimization of google ads. Display 360 offers valuable data-driven recommendations so that online marketers can create better digital media campaigns.
  • Collaborate better: With display 360 marketers can easily generate and share campaign data and insights across different media, this helps marketing teams to collaborate and make better marketing decisions on strategies to employ in their digital media ads.

How to use display and video ads 360.

The URL google users and advertisers use to access display and video 360 is

Display and Video 360 is used alongside the following Google features.


Google display & video 360 is used alongside different media platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and other Google video partner platforms.This integration enables marketers to display ds across video, TV and Audio channels across YouTube and other Google video partners.

display intergration

display integration


Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 is used with Display & Video 360 to enable advertisers to reach and target specific audiences with greater precision. With analytics 360 online marketers can view the performance of their Display & Video 360 ads for better analysis and visualization of their online marketing campaigns.

Google Display & Video 360 Features.

Google Display & Video 360 uses five integrated module features that are used to simplify the campaign management process: Campaigns, Audiences, Creatives, Inventory, and Insights.

Below is an overview of the features that advertisers should be able to come across using Display & Video 360.


The Campaign feature, allows advertisers to create and execute campaigns across different media platforms. Online marketers can create, optimize, monitor ads and product items efficiently.

The feature enables business owners to gain insights and ad updates fast. It also helps organize every component of your campaign.


The Audience feature in-display & video 360 allows advertisers to manage online audiences alongside the company's digital marketing campaigns seamlessly.

Below are some features of the audience module that display & video 360 that help you build and manage audiences:

  • Audience profile analysis. This allows online marketers to gain insights from their digital media campaigns and learn about the different audience categories that are interested in business services that companies offer. The audience insights are made available from Google data, and other third-party applications.
  • Activity-based audience builder. This allows advertisers to create audience lists of their business leads resulting from Display & Video 360 campaigns.


The Creatives module allows advertisers to develop creative strategies for their online digital media campaigns. It also offers business marketing teams a workspace for developing creative ad strategies with Display & Video 360.

Below are some creatives features that will help business advertisers develop and manage creative campaigns:

  • The Ad Canvas. Allows advertisers to visually design and preview campaign ads in real-time.
  • The Format Gallery. Enables advertisers to discover new ad display formats and test them on the Ad Canvas. It also enables them to look through different Google Web Designer template options for custom solutions.
  • Data-driven creatives. This allows advertisers to create different variations of their business content that will be attractive to different target audiences for your business on its digital media channels.

This feature also allows business owners to assign different creative user roles, so their entire marketing and creative teams can collaborate seamlessly within Display & Video 360. 


This display 360 feature enables online marketers to manage video 360 ads of a range of products within a company's inventory and explore new ways and opportunities to market these products online. This enables your business marketing team to always adapt to the fast-changing advertisement world and not fall behind with old marketing methods.


This is a display 360 feature that enables your business marketing team to view ad metrics of your digital media campaigns. This module offers additional features that help advertisers analyze ad performance across Display & Video 360 campaigns and make better-informed marketing decisions for your organization. One of the features includes instant reporting that enables businesses to instantly access data and generate reports in real-time.

Additional features

Other additional features that advertisers can use with display & video 360:

  • Google Marketing Platform features: With the new common product switcher tab within display & video 360 advertisers are able to access other amazing google advertising tools from the google marketing platform which work alongside the Google display & video 360 platform.
  • Overview page: Navigate through all display 360 campaign features and tools using the overview page and dashboard which enables advertisers to easily manage their display 360 ads and view insights.
  • The Intelligence Panel. View the status and performance of your Display 360 ads using the intelligence panel. The panel gives alerts and optimization suggestions to your business marketing team.

Use Case

Consider a Ugandan Car bond company that is trying to generate and convert more qualified leads from its business website. Google display and video ads would be both a great analytical and advertising tool to improve the business's marketing campaign goal. With its automated bidding features, display and video 360  would automatically record qualified leads that have accessed the business website. Qualified leads are leads that have viewed the company's website multiple times and indicate a great intent to purchase an item from the car bond. For example, if the lead is interested and likes a car video on the company's website, that would make the visitor a qualified lead.

Running display & video 360 ads will enable the car bond to optimize its online campaigns in real-time and gain more qualified customers. With the automation it provides, display & video 360 will provide the car bonds online marketing team a more effective and less time-consuming approach to reach interested potential customers that are most likely to make a purchase.

Case study-Encouraging women to “Open Up to Beautiful Browns”

Garnier is a leading online international hair and skin brand, that provides natural hair and skin products to a wide range of women all around the world. Garnier recently launched a new hair marketing campaign that encourages women of different ages and hair types to discover and find their own kind of brown hair design that would inspire confidence and generate compliments for their amazing new hair.

Since Garnier was looking for new meaningful connections and new customers that would be motivated to try and"find their own brown" the company used Google Display and Video 360 to create some ad variations to their marketing campaigns and design well-tailored adverts for different audiences that have an interest in beauty, fashion, television, and travel.

This meant that women reading about their favorite TV shows in beauty and fashion online were served display and 360 ads about giving their hair a “colorful twist,” while the movie lovers reading about the latest films were served with ads for getting “great reviews for your hair, too” with Color Naturals.

At the end of the campaigns, Garnier's marketing campaign ultimately reached more than 21 million new unique users within just two weeks. The brand Google ads also received a 22% increase in customer click-through rate compared to its previous campaigns.

Additional Features.