Are you struggling to get your products visible on the Google search results page? Google Merchant Center allows millions of online shoppers on the Google network to discover, explore, and buy your products.

Google Merchant Center is an amazing google advertising platform that helps businesses to post and update their product information on Google. Everything about a business owners store and products are available to customers when they search the google network.

The platform offers an alternative approach for your business to get the right products to the right customers directly from the google search platform without the clients necessarily having to visit your website.

Google merchant center shopping campaigns

The business inventory and products are displayed across the Google Network and they are made available through Google Shopping ads and other Google marketing services. 

Merchant Center features

If your business is struggling to promote its products and merchandise on the Google network, Google Merchant Center can provide the right solution to boost your business sales and revenue by opening up the market for your products to millions of users around the world searching Google for related products and services.

How do I get my products to show on Google Merchant Center?

In order for business owners to get their products on the Google network across Google surfaces, Google Shopping, Shopping Actions, local inventory ads, and various Google platforms, including sponsored and non sponsored organic results on Google Search and Google Images, a business owner must have an already registered Google account, a website landing page where the google shopping ads will be directed to, the business product information must be up to date and authentic. Before your business information is loaded onto Google merchant center there are Google requirements policies and guidelines that must be followed to avoid customers getting scammed of fake products.

With your google account credentials, you can access the Google merchant center platform from the link and sign in with your Google Account to get started.

Enter your business information such as the name, website, store name, location, country of operations where your business is registered. The business display name will be used as your Google merchant center account name and is what users on the Google network will be able to see.

What you can do with Google Merchant Center?

Upload accurate product information

The platform enables business owners to provide their customers with up to date details of their products. The tool will enable a business owner's marketing team to ensure that all business products listed and their corresponding information is accurate and up to date with correct product information, pricing and availability.

The products uploaded on Google Merchant center are made available on the Google platform for instant sale.

Reach customers across Google

The platform allows businesses to power the shopping experiences of their products beyond advertising. Business owners display their products throughout the Google surfaces platform that includes Google shopping, shopping actions, and other online Google marketing platforms. The products are displayed to Google shoppers across unpaid and paid Google network channels.

Google shopping campaigns

Discover more insights

The platform enables your business marketing team to generate reports and insights for your business executives to understand how product sales and ads are performing across Google Merchant Center. The insights range from pricing, to customer behavior and different merchandising strategies that can drive more sales to your business.

Google merchant Center shopping feeds insights

Benefits Of Using Google Merchant Center

Sell your products globally

The platform provides a global market for business owners with Google shopping ads available in more than 90 countries around the world. The platform can enable your business marketing team to set up a multi-country feed for your products and services that displays your product inventory to millions of potential shoppers across different continents around the world. Google Merchant center also provides shipping and clearance services to businesses that subscribe to its network. 

Launch product promotions of your own choosing

A recent survey reported that over 40% of shoppers worldwide use Google to find and search for the best deals. Google Merchant Center is a wonderful tool that enables business owners to easily launch and set up promotions for each of their products and services using Google Shopping ads. A site-wide promotion that applies to every product on your website can be created or restricted to a select group of products your business would like to specifically promote.

Improve results with customized opportunities

Google Merchant Center allows your business marketing team to organize your product and business data, in order to improve your online sales results. The opportunities feature on the platform provides guidance to your marketing team to improve product data and product campaigns to drive more traffic and referrals to your business website.

Use Case

Consider a new online Ugandan Retail store that has just opened up its e-commerce platform to sell merchandise like clothes , footwear and watches. The store has a physical location in the heart of Uganda’s capital Kampala and is looking to maximize profit and sales to grow and expand to different locations around the city. 

Google merchant center would be the perfect online platform to display the company's popular products in front of potential customers when they’re searching Google.

Case Study -International retailer dm-drogerie market saw a 33% increase in revenue

Dm-drogerie is a leading European drugstore chain that sells pharmaceutical drugs and medicines. The brand recently started using Google merchant center and experienced a significant increase and improvement in visibility on the Google search network with the use of Google merchant center.

The companies management have been incredibly pleased with the results of the campaigns they have been running using Google merchant Center which has led to a 33% boost in revenue.