Is your marketing team finding it difficult to reach and build new audiences online from your business digital channels? Does your business find it hard to target and pinpoint potential clients, customers, and sponsors from your online digital campaigns? Google audience center 360 can be the right solution to the above questions.

Google audience center is a google analytics 360 feature that enables business advertisers and marketers to create and build audience lists of potential customers and business clients of your company or organization.

The Google audience center tool was developed as part of the google analytics suite 360 that is used to generate marketing insights for your business marketing team. 

With Google audience center 360  audience lists are created from insights generated with other different google analytical tools that are part of the Google marketing platform. These different google analytical tools track insights attained from visitors of your business digital channels such as your business website, social media,  e-commerce or online sales platforms.

The audience lists are then published to your business google marketing platform for advertisement purposes and report generation purposes in terms of business lead generation.

The Google Marketing Platform is built to help advertisers to have a better understanding of how potential customers and business leads engage with their company websites and mobile applications. The marketing platform then uses these insights to manage business advertising campaigns across the different advertiser and analytical tools and features it contains. With the google audience 360 platform which runs on the google analytics 360 platform, online marketers have access to a range of powerful audience capabilities, which enables them to create tailored lists of high-quality business targets and leads. These leads are compiled into what is termed as an audience list.

With the audience lists created with Audience Center advertisers develop custom well-tailored adverts to display to potential customers on these lists in order to convert them into revenue-generating clients since they already have an interest in the goods and services, the business is offering from the customer insights collected.

Since Google audience center 360 is integrated with Google Analytics 360 and can be used alongside Display & Video 360 as part of the package, Advertisers can instantly use audience insights generated from google audience center to run custom well-tailored business marketing campaigns efficiently. 

Customer audience

Audience 360 also provides plenty of audience features at the fingertips of business owners and company marketing teams. Your business marketing team will have enough insights to carry out data-driven research on existing customers and potential clients that have interacted with your business website and applications. With audience 360 online marketers can create smarter campaigns in Display & Video 360, using tailored messages that resonate well with your target customers. 

Audience list

Use case

Consider An African online e-commerce company that sells general merchandise online through its e-commerce store that would like to increase its revenue in Uganda through its online store. The e-commerce store has been in Uganda for a few years and through google analytics, they noticed a huge number of customers abandoning their carts without clicking the final purchase button. Google audience center 360 would be the right tool to come up with the audience list of previous customers that abandoned their cart. These customers that abandoned the cart are sent tailored custom adverts to convince them of the relevance of the e-commerce platform and the favourite products they would like to order for in real-time. This would lead to a significant increase in the revenue of the platform if they used google audience center 360 to target these customers.

Case study UNICEF Expands Their Donor Network with help from Google Analytics 360 audiences

The United Nations Children’s Fund provides support and relief for millions of children all over the world in over 190 countries.  UNICEF's role is to support global efforts in ending child poverty, providing healthcare, food security and education to young children living in appalling conditions.

UNICEF's major goal every year is to acquire new donors and maintain continuous donor support from its partners and stakeholders. An increase in donor retention is a top priority for the global body. Unicef as an organization realized over the past years in order for their community outreach to be successful. The need for the organization to understand different donor audiences and gain more donor support influenced the organization to partner with a digital marketing agency.

With Analytics 360, UNICEF was able to gain insights on which types of content its visitors and potential donors were interested in and loved to engage with the most. The insights were then used to segment visitors into various audiences. With this data, UNICEF marketing team was able to share different tailored messages and content to its potential donors. This ensures that the message being delivered and portrayed to donors and potential stakeholders through the Google adverts and their digital media channels is always relevant and engaging.

This well-tailored customer-centric approach with Google audiences 360 paid off, with a 10% increase in donor acquisition and a 40% increase in website conversion rate from UNICEF's marketing campaigns.

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