Google call-only campaign is an amazing google ad feature that enables your customers or potential clients to call your office or business number after clicking or tapping on your company’s google ad campaign.

With the call-only campaign, your business pays for the number of direct phone calls received when customers and potential clients click on your advert. The business is not charged for the link clicks that redirect the customer to your website.

With the call only campaign tool your business can set the specific hours during the day it can accept calls. So the advertisement will only be shown during business hours and hours when you or your business representatives can accept phone calls.

In Uganda, a business that uses the google call-only campaign is likely to receive more business phone calls and a better connection with potential clients who are searching for business products and services.

How does the Google Call Only Campaign work?

Call only campaigns adverts are only shown on mobile devices. The call advert is displayed in various spaces on the google network which includes the Google search engine results, and the google ads partner websites on the google display network.

Google call only campaign on the google search engine

When users click on this advert they are only given the option to call your business number and not access your website.

When setting up the call extension on your google ad, you can enter your business phone number for verification. The verification is done through a verification URL.

How to set up a google call-only campaign

The biggest goal of this campaign is to maximize clicks and phone calls made to your business to enable faster tracking and conversion of your potential clients into revenue-generating clients for your business.

Adamence is an Online International Jewelry Company That Successfully Used Google Click-to-Call-Campaign

Adamence main campaign goal was to provide online customer support for its clients and potential customers that would love to inquire about their products. The company used the click-to-call campaign to connect with online shoppers and buyers on the Google content network. Customers searching for similar jewelry products and items on the google search engine would be enable to see the company's contact information after a google search. This lead to an increase in the number of business calls they received by 20 times, with 93% better customer support and satisfaction and a 15 % higher conversion rate of potential customers into revenue-generating clients.

Here are some of the key features you need to know when using the call-only campaigns:

With the call-only campaign, your business and office numbers will be shared alongside your google ads on the Google network. You can also set specific business hours for your call-only campaign.

Another interesting feature that the call only campaign offers is phone conversation tracking and call reporting. This feature keeps track of your previous google call campaign history between potential clients with your business. It also makes reports and measures the performance of the call campaigns on whether your potential clients have made bookings or ordered for your business products as a result of the call only campaign.

Call reporting feature in the call-only campaign

Call only campaigns follow the cost per click calculation metric in which your business is charged for every call made by a customer to your business number on the google ads.

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