It is no secret that most businesses and brands would like to appear in the search results of relevant products that their brands sell. This would lead to a significant increase in sales and confidence from customers and potential clients that find the brand products and services listed on the google search engine results page. Your business can do just that with Google Search Ads 360.

Search Ads 360 is a google marketing campaign tool that  helps advertisers manage their online search engine marketing better. With this Google ads tool your marketing team can efficiently manage campaigns across multiple search engines and media channels with fast and valuable insights that lead to better search engine marketing decisions.

search ads 360 campaigns

Why You Should Use Google Search Ads 360

Respond in real time.

The tool gives your search campaigns an edge over your business competition by providing real-time data to improve the performance of your search campaigns that will enable your marketing campaigns to adapt to the ever-changing business market with Smarter Bidding insights. Your search engine marketing will never be easier with this google analytics suite 360 tool that will make search campaigns smarter and more responsive with better analysis and real-time bid adjustment featured powered by Google’s machine learning algorithms.

Auto bidding using search ads 360

Build connected campaigns. 

The tool allows advertisers to connect their search campaigns to other digital marketing tools on the Google marketing platform.

Use Google Analytics 360 insights to boost your search campaigns and ad bid strategies.

With the help of analytics 360, your business marketing team can understand your customer’s journey and make better search marketing decisions with data-driven search ads.

Bid strategies using search ads 360

Unified Insights and Reporting

Combine insights from the google marketing platform in one place into a unified window on search ads 360. Gain smarter and more complete insights to drive better data-driven decision-making in terms of marketing and reporting across multiple search engines that include Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and many others.

Unified reporting search ads 360

Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly integrate data from other google analytics suite 360 platforms such as google analytics 360, Data studio , Display & Video 360 into one insights window. Search Ads 360 provides faster insights and improved collaboration, to offer better results for search campaigns.

Automated Campaign Management

The tool offers and suggests different trending keywords and the best optimized keyword for your search campaigns. This provides your business marketing team real time data and enables better automation of Search engine marketing campaign. This automation is provided by Google machine learning technology which automatically develops smart bidding campaigns for digital marketing team.

Better Bid Visualization

Visualize your search ad campaign insights better with graphical and tabular data that is easy to read and understand for top executives and employees of your digital marketing team.

Better Mobile Search Optimization For your search ad campaigns and Google ads

It provides better mobile-optimized google search campaigns for both desktop and mobile computers. Reach your audience anywhere anytime through their smartphone browsers and screens. 

Local Ads Support 

Search ads 360 offers better local search campaigns for your business search engine marketing campaigns by suggesting keywords and search phrases trending in your location in real-time.

Smarter Display Re-marketing

with previous visitors of your website or previous customers using the Search Ads 360’s re-marketing feature. This will enable your google ads to be displayed to previous customers and visitors in their search engine results pages.

Full Engine Support

It offers the ability for potential clients to create, manage, and generate a report for search campaigns on different search engines which include Google , Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu and many more

Use case Growing revenue through Shopping campaigns using Search Ads 360

Consider a retail business dealing in footwear and clothes based in Uganda's capital Kampala. The retail shop has an online store for its merchandise.

The retail shop and online store can increase its sales by using search ads 360 by carrying out data driven search campaigns on Google. The ads would be displayed in the search results of customers searching for clothing merchandise and footware from google. This would drive more sales and improve ad performance of their search engine marketing campaigns.

Since the tool will enable the brand to make smart real time automated bids for trending keywords for clothing merchandise of the cities shoppers who are looking for clothing products online.

Case Study Scotia bank boosts mobile conversions with Google Search Ads 360

Scotia Bank is an international bank that handles over 24 million customers in North America, South America and Asia.

The bank has been focused on building its online presence and reaching prospective new clients through their digital media platforms. They have been customizing different search ads for different audiences and banking customers of financial services that can fit their needs.

The goal of Scotia banks marketing team was to to generate better performance search engine marketing ads with smarter bidding strategies. With the use of Google search ads 360 the team developed smart bidding search strategies and keyword bids for keywords that could multiply their lead conversions at specific hours and locations around the world automatically.

The keyword terms included credit card and mobile banking related financial services, this would enable the companies products, services and information to appear in the google search engine results of potential clients in need of banking services.

The results of the ad campaigns were tremendous enabling the bank's digital marketing team to save a lot of time ad resources in managing the banks search engine campaigns.

After ten weeks of the search campaigns the banks customer credit card application rate significantly improved 15.4%. Its mobile banking transactions also significantly improved by 25.8%.