Google ad extensions are a feature of Google AdWords that allows an advertiser to show more information alongside their google adverts like business location, phone number, contact information, email and plenty of other important details that advertisers need to get out to the public. These ad extensions are usually displayed to advertisers to optimize and increase the reach of adverts that have a high potential to engage a number of users on the Google ads network which will eventually lead to higher conversion of potential leads into purchasing clients.

These extensions can be divided into two Automated and manual extensions.

Manual extensions

These are google ad extensions that a website owner adds to their website manually.

  • App extensions - Provide a link below your google advert that directs a user to your companies mobile application download link or the google play store. This is an essential feature to have if some of your business operations are run through your custom-designed mobile application.


  • Call extensions – Provides the advertiser a clickable phone number within their google ad. This is an essential tool to have on your website for potential leads and visitors who are interested in the services that your business offers. A call extension on a google ad will redirect the internet users to their phone dialer and will copy the phone number of the business direct onto their phone dialer so that they can easily make a phone call.


  • Location extensions – Provides the advertiser's business address, phone number, and Google Map location. This is essential in helping potential leads to find the location and get directions that will lead them to the doorstep of your business.


  • Affiliate Location extensions - provides business information about partners and businesses that sell or use the advertiser’s products and services. This is essential for potential leads and clients to know different businesses that you have been transacting with to give them the confidence to buy or purchase your products. This extension is usually used by businesses that sell products in bulk and will involve the customer having to make a big purchase or deposit. Partners and businesses that your business associates with, will go a long way in convincing the potential lead to directly purchase products and services from your store.


  • Review extensions - Advertisers can showcase positive reviews from third-party reviewers. Positive reviews on google adverts are essential to get some businesses good deals since the google ads will be visible via search engine results and the Google ads content network which has millions of viewers every day.


  • Sitelinks extensions - Allow advertisers to add additional links to their companies' portfolio, products, and services below their google ads. This extension is important since it provides extra important information on your business that may not be available on your website but is on a prestigious platform that adds a lot of value to your business. For example award ceremonies, or copyrighted youtube videos and interviews.


  • Price extensions - Allow advertisers to display prices for products or services. This provides greater details on the pricing of your business products and services. For example, tourism packages and itinerary travel plans that your potential clients may need.


  • Message extensions - Allows the ability for website visitors and potential customers to connect with your business via SMS applications like WhatsApp and text messages. This can help to greatly convert your potential clients into paying customers since they will be having a direct line of communication.


  • Promotion extensions – This is used to displays sales and promotions that your business is offering to its potential clients. A quick sale banner or discounted sale promotion alongside a google advert can trigger a number of potential leads into revenue-generating customers.

Automated Extensions

Google AdWords creates automated extensions to increase advertisement reach and potential. Examples of Automated extensions include Consumer Ratings, Seller Ratings, Previous Visits, and Dynamic Sitelink Extensions.

  • Customer ratings- This is a google advert extension that is automatically added to a google advert on the google ads network in which customers can rate a product or service that your business offers. Good ratings from previous customers do well in nurturing potential clients into purchasing customers for your business since they get to see good reviews of your products and services from satisfied clients that have worked with your business before.
  • Seller ratings- This is another automated google extension that Google adds to your google adverts automatically. The seller rating is done by google itself based on the customer reviews and comments that your products receive. A high seller rating by google gives potential customers confidence in your services eventually leading them to become buying clients for your business.