Manually running online digital marketing campaigns in real-time for a business to gain more qualified leads and customers is not a rosy task for any digital marketing team around the world. Online marketing campaigns and strategies are supposed to be effective, more automated and less time consuming to reach interested potential clients that are interested in purchasing a company's goods and services.

Campaign Manager is a wonderful Google web-based tool that enables advertisers to manage their digital marketing campaigns across the Google network, google search engine, google display network, YouTube and mobile applications affiliated to the google ads network. 

Google campaign manager which is formerly Double-click Campaign Manager is an amazing tool that every business marketing team needs to manage their online google advertisements. Advertisers can create and test their adverts, target multiple advanced audiences and optimize the schedule of their marketing campaigns.

The platform includes a wide set of features that can help your marketing team to distribute google ads, target potential customers and provide insights and analytics on the performance of the ads, and also generate reports resulting from the marketing campaigns.

With campaign manager, advertisers can have full control over all business marketing campaign data. This enables your business marketing team to access all your business campaign insights, expenditures and costs related to your business expenditure. Plus, when you own your network, you can choose who has access and at what level.

Below we list down different google campaign manager features advertisers need to know about in order to successfully manage the different google ad campaigns that their business is running. 

Campaign Manager Features Advertisers Should Know About

User Management

With Google Campaign Manager business owners can assign different user management privileges and user accounts for their business marketing teams. This gives them better control of their online marketing campaigns since they will organize their marketing teams much better and select from built-in access levels for their online marketers accordingly.

User Manager


This is a campaign manager feature that provides a detailed comprehensive overview of how your marketing team can manage your business google ad campaigns. Your marketing team can do all the above with the Trafficking workflow tool. With the trafficking feature, advertisers can set up campaigns and ad placements in different locations on the Google network with ease using the Start trafficking tool. Advertisers are also able to easily make changes to their campaigns in real-time using the Edit creatives tool.


This is a campaign manager feature that enables your marketing team to create reports of insights, statistics, and metrics generated by Google campaign manager. The reports are generated with a tool called Report Builder which creates custom reports for your business marketing team. The reporting feature allows advertisers to create a summary overview of your business marketing campaign using the Summary tab tool. The insights, statistics, and metrics generated from your marketing campaigns can be viewed and visualized with another reporting feature called Insights dashboard.


This is a campaign manager feature that helps your marketing team to check the overall performance and behavior of you and impressions. Verification tab in Reporting helps you check the overall behavior of your ad impressions.

Use Case Consider a local airline company entering the African market

The competition in the aviation industry in Africa has become stiff and if Uganda launched an airline service its goal would be to remain competitive as a new airline in the African market and worldwide. There would be a great need to improve their business marketing strategy in order to gain a return on investment in the capital intensive business.

Airline companies must offer quality customer service delivery and should enable their customers all around the world to quickly access their tickets online effectively compared to their competition, in order to thrive in the industry. Managing digital marketing campaigns both domestically and across different countries, continents and time zones is a very hectic task that requires a lot of time to plan and organize no matter how big the company's marketing team is. Google campaign manager is the perfect tool and platform for an airline carrier to plan strategize, optimize and analyze their digital marketing campaigns.

The air space industry has been moving away from the traditional point of sale service of selling their tickets at the airport to a digital-centered booking experience in which they advertise to travelers online in the comfort of their homes on various digital platforms.

Google campaign manager reduces the time needed to create campaigns and will definitely result in an increase in online bookings.

For a new airline company to survive it must adapt to new market trends and consumer behavior online in order to tailor and customize the right message at the right time to the right customer. With Google campaign manager managing the airline's digital marketing campaigns will be a very efficient solution that will enable the airline marketing team to set up google adverts, oversee insights and generate statistics and reports of the marketing campaigns.

Case Study Rituals Boosts revenue by 85% with Google Campaign Manager

Rituals is an international beauty brand based in Europe that sells the most widely used beauty and bath products on the continent.

With thousands of customers around the world Rituals marketing team understands the importance of tailoring the right advert message that reaches their target audience at the right time.

The company established a loyal customer base but has been experiencing a challenge in reaching new audiences. Doing this across different countries has been costly and difficult to scale considering the different timezones and cultures.

The company had previously been manually building audiences through studying customer behavior patterns on their website and targeting them with custom marketing adverts. The manual process made it a very costly and time-consuming task for the business marketing team since the brand has been growing in popularity worldwide offering more products in different countries and locations.

Considering the different timezones, weather and culture in different countries the Rituals marketing team decided to come up with an automated process of creating new audiences interested in their products using Google Campaign Manager.

Google campaigns manager offered the Rituals marketing team the ability to reach new audiences by managing and automating the company's google marketing campaigns and understanding the insights and analytics generated from its digital channels with the use of a single window and dashboard.

This enabled Rituals business marketing team to create new audiences and manage their online google marketing platforms more efficiently across different countries.

Using Google Campaign manager enabled the Rituals team to better optimize their digital marketing campaigns and understand insights generated from their website perfectly with google analytics 360 integration in Campaign Manager.

The results of using Google Campaign Manager were tremendous with an immediate 85% increase in conversion of potential customers into purchasing clients from their business and a 15 % decrease in its advertising costs.