Remarketing is a google advertising feature that helps your business to reconnect with your previous visitors of your business website or mobile application. It is a feature enables your business to target your online audience with advertisements of your business by strategically placing them in different locations of the google content network, which include the Google search engine results, websites and blogs part of the Google display network, youtube, and other google mediums. For example, an electronics business in Uganda that uses the Google remarketing feature can display targetted Google adverts of their products to previous customers that have visited or transacted with their business website before. This enables the business to be able to constantly reconnect with its customers and potential clients that are interested in the different electronic components that the business sell, eventually leading to higher conversion of potential clients into purchasing customers that will generate revenue for the business.

Remarketing also increases the visibility of your business brand online compared to your business competition and reminds your audience of the goods and services that your business offers, which they can purchase.


This strategy has a wide range of benefits that can enable your business to grow and these benefits are listed down below.

Better Promotion of your brand and an increase business sales

It is a digital marketing strategy that can be used to drive your business sales activity and promote the awareness of your brand to its already existing customers and interested potential clientele.

Better Targeting andĀ  Reach Precision

The strategy enable previous visitors of your site to view ads of your business products and services while they are searching the Google search engine, or browsing and navigating through other websites on the Google display network. This can happen when your potential clients are searching for products to purchase on the internet and your business remarketing advert can be the right solution to have them purchase products from your business since they have visited its digital channels before. Remarketing campaigns help your customers find you when they browse the internet.

Precision targeting

Focused advertising.

With remarketing your marketing campaigns are more focused and narrowed down to potential customers that have already shown interest in your business. You can create a remarketing list for previous visitors of your website and previous customers of your business. Your remarketing lists can even focus on specific cases, an example of this can be a remarketing list of people who were shopping online added items to their shopping cart and did not complete their transactions.

Focused advertising

Better Customer Reach.

It can help you follow your different potential clients around the internet on the Google search, Youtube, and Google partner websites that are under the google display network which are viewed by millions of people worldwide.

Better customer reach with remarketing

Efficient pricing.

With the google remarketing tool you are able to set your own business budget that your company will spend per day. And you are only charged when a customer clicks a link that redirects them to your business website. This makes the advertising strategy very efficient and cost-effective for any business that would like to take it up.

Better analytics and reporting.

With remarketing you get analytics displayed in graphical data tables that contain insights on how your campaigns are working out.

Reporting through audience manager

A Case Study of a business that successfully used the Google remarketing campaign feature.

IHG is an international hotel brand that ran remarketing ads of its different holiday Inns and vacation destinations across the Google Network to potential customers that had previously visited their website. The google ads included a range of special offers and enticing premium budget-friendly features for users that had previously shown interest in them.

As a result of the campaign remarketing ads had a 21% higher click-thru-rate to its the business website and a 55% spike in its online traffic. This led to more online bookings on their business digital platforms and a significant increase in its customer base. After the success of the marketing campaign, IHG doubled its remarketing ads budget because of the valuable business the campaign strategy brought to their company.

Remarketing Strategies With Google Ads

Standard remarketing

This strategy displays adverts to previous visitors of your business website.

Dynamic remarketing

ThisĀ  strategy displays adverts of previous products and services that a visitor of your website viewed before in order to coerce them to take a second look, or to purchase a product.

Remarketing lists for search ads

Here google adverts of your brand, and the products and services that your business offers are displayed on the google search engine to clients.

Video remarketing

This displays adverts to previous users on the Google network that have interacted with company video campaigns as they browse through Youtube and other Google video partner sites.

Customer list remarketing

This strategy uses customer lists of previous viewers and customers that have interacted with your business before. With the customer match feature, you create lists composed of contact information of details that have been provided to you by your client and whenever they are signed in to google they get to view your business adverts on different platforms such as Google search results, google maps, google partner website, their private emails and Youtube.

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