Customer experience matters on the web just as it does in any other client business interface. A good customer experience creates everlasting relationships, referrals, and faster business growth. Bad customer experience on the web can be hard to detect, a high bounce rate is usually an indicator of poor content but could also be due to poor structuring of the site. A few small changes could go a long way into retaining visitors and getting more conversions. You don't have to guess what's not working anymore, there are a number of tools that can help you improve customer experience, in this article we'll specifically look at Google Optimize 360.

To illustrate the workings of Google Optimize 360, consider an international phone selling company based in Uganda that sells mobile phones to Ugandan customers in Kampala. The company is looking for ways to expand its revenue and sales from its E-commerce store. The Google website optimize tool can be used to identify the bounce rate on different pages with the highest bounce rate and experiment variations of different designs to reduce the number of people bouncing and leaving the webpage. It would also test the areas with a low bounce rate that have attractive features that keep customers hooked to the website. Testing different image and display sizes of the products and phones on the site could also lead to an improvement which can be measured and tested with Google optimize 360 tools. Using the right keywords phrases and call to action buttons to enable potential clients to click and purchase mobile phones are necessary tweaks that can boost the company's online sales. The success of this website changes can be measured using the Google optimize tool.

What is Google Optimize 360?

Google Optimize 360 is an amazing tool designed by Google to enable business website owners and web developers to improve their website experience for their website viewers and optimize the content on their company website for different target audiences.

Google website optimizer was built as part of the google analytics suite 360 that provides insights and marketing analysis for different organizations around the world.

Optimizer is a free website optimization platform developed to enable organizations to increase their website visitor conversion rates and enhance better business communication of business products and services to potential customers on their web portal. Optimizer increases visitor satisfaction when they view your business website leading to faster conversion of potential business leads into revenue-generating clients for your business.

It also enables your company's IT team to continually test the visibility and optimization of different content displayed on your business website.

How to Use Google Optimize 360?

The Optimize dashboard can be accessed from

Below is a screenshot of some of the changes that can be made to a website's content banner using google optimize's visual editor.

Visual Editor

Google Website Optimizer tests the effectiveness and efficiency of different features and points of action on your business websites such as the headlines, fonts, call to action, inquiry forms, product images, service reviews, and contact information using its experimentation tool. 

Home Page Experimentation

Why Your Business needs Google Optimize

Let your data guide you.

Since Google optimize is integrated with Google analytics 360, business website insights are available to your marketing team in real-time. Optimize enables your IT team to find out and identify which parts of a business website needs improvement. Identify problem areas of your website that generate a high bounce rate for potential clients. The data analysis on how your online visitors interact with your website guides your web development team on what changes to make on different action points on your site to increase lead conversion of your potential clients into purchasing customers of the business using its explorer feature.

Explorer Variations

Test your website.

Google web optimizer enables your IT team to run tests on your website’s content. This is purposefully for business website owners to learn and understand what content works best for their visitors. Google website optimizer has a visual editor tool that allows website owners to make tests on simple adjustments to texts and images.

Tailor a compelling experience.

Website optimizer allows you to customize your business website experience to suit different audience categories and demographics. Optimizer offers website owners a range of powerful capabilities to target and focus different demographics and segments of users with more personalized content and better customer information, communication, and user experience.

Customer behavior on your website

Gain more customers.
Create visible active points of action or call to action features for visitors of your website to easily communicate with your business. Optimizer allows website owners to customize and create awesome landing pages for their Google Ad campaigns. This eventually leads to a higher conversion of your website viewers into purchasing customers of your business.

Landing pages for your google ads

Google Optimize also shows website owners which website page experience engages and delights your customers with the session quality feature which shows which user on your business website experience high quality or low-quality sessions. This eventually gives your IT team data-driven ideas on solutions your website needs to deliver a better customer experience.

Session Quality and Conversion rate

Case Study Lotte Hotel boosts booking rates by 49% with Google Optimize.

Lotte Hotel is an international hotel brand in Asia that has expanded to more than 30 hotel locations around the world. This means that the hotel group’s website is regularly visited by a wide range of travelers from around the world, looking to visit countries with Lotte Hotel locations. After looking into site analytics from 2017, Lotte Hotel identified that although it was expanding the volume of its website visits, its revenue wasn’t meeting expectations.

With the use of google analytics 360, the hotel group discovered a high bounce rate on some of its website features. This led to the realization that some website features weren't appealing enough for visitors to make reservations. Lotte Hotel outsourced an IT firm to test their websites features better with google optimize. The IT team found the most success with four key variables: relocating menu items, changing the booking button color and call to action, using a promotional pop-up window.

After the company used Optimize 360 to improve the customer content on its website there was a total increase in the number of website visits by 44%. After testing about 30+ site variations and experimenting with different site elements using Google Optimize there was an effective increase in the lead conversion rate from the visitors on the website. During the course of the experiment, Lotte Hotel saw growth in booking conversions. One experiment that tested promotional pop-ups geared toward online booking rewards led to a 49% increase in booking rates, and overall, Optimize helped the hotel group see a total 0.9% increase in booking conversions across the site.