Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways of selling goods and services online. Its been used by many upstarts and established businesses to seek out new sales opportunities at a much lower cost than traditional advertising.

Limitted Facebook Access in Uganda

The 2021 Uganda elections did create unnecessary challenges to the Ugandan Facebook user community. As a result of Facebook blocking pages sympathetic to Museveni’s regime, the Government of Uganda forced internet providers to block Facebook access on the Internet. This has created challenges for businesses that rely on Facebook advertising.

In the next paragraph, we discuss how you can access your Ugandan Facebook business page and pay for ads as well.

Accessing Facebook using VPN in Uganda.

Fortunately for Ugandan businesses that rely on Facebook, not all hope is lost. Many Ugandans have adopted the use of VPN to access their Facebook feed.

To get access to your Facebook business page, you will need to install VPN software as well. VPN stands for (Virtual Private Network). VPN hides your traffic location. The Government of Uganda can only block traffic from Uganda from accessing a particular page. With the use of VPN, a new location is assigned to your activity and thus you can access geo-blocked content.

The challenge with using VPN is that Facebook won’t allow you to create ads because it doesn’t recognize your location and as such it’s considered suspicious activity.

How to Pay for Facebook Ads using VPN

There is no simple way of paying for Facebook ads using a VPN. For those who have tried, you must be familiar with the bothersome “Your restricted from advertising” Facebook alert message.

With country-level restrictions, the best way forward is to get a dedicated private proxy. Use a separate browser with the proxy setup. Do not delete cookies or anything. That should solve the problem. If this is too complicated, don’t lose hope, there are other ways, read on…

How to Pay for Facebook Ads in Uganda during the Social Media Ban

The nontechnical options available are to use a third party. Currently, LeadSoko is providing a service to fill this gap. LeadSoko is a Ugandan business that specializes in Facebook advertising. For a small fee, they will help pay for your Facebook advertising needs

Pay for Facebook advertising using Fiver.

There are a couple of service providers on fiver who help countries banned from accessing Facebook to pay for Facebook ads.

Hopefuly, this ban will be over soon now that elections are over.