Imagine a movie store in Kampala with a list of contacts of movie lovers and regular clients around the city. Every time the store has a new movie, who should be the first people they contact? Definitely the regular customers! What if there was a way to follow your customers around the internet telling them of what you’ve got to offer? Even better, what if you could reach groups of customers by finding audiences similar to your current customers? Your client base and conversion rate would exponentially grow, right? Well, this is all possible with Google Customer match.

Customer Match is an amazing google ads tool that was developed in 2015 by google to enable advertisers to reach potential customers and clients who are interested in their products and services. The client's interests are determined from their previous visit to your business website, online search history, previous Gmail subscriptions, and youtube consumption. This information enables advertisers to match with customers who have similar preferences with their products and services. The customers are then targeted with offers, promotions, and ads.

The great attribute about using the google customer match tool is that it allows advertisers to target the highest value of potential customers since the customer lists are purely generated from a customer’s interest in the products and services that your business has to offer.

A screenshot of the Google customer match tool

With the Google ad tool , Advertiser set campaign goals to increase the brand awareness of their company alongside the products and services that they offer. It also enables advertisers to target different audiences of different age groups, interests, locations and preferences.

How does it work?

Advertisers can create customer lists of potential customers who are likely and more interested in buying products and services of the business. 

Google then browses through its network of users that match the specifications made by the advertiser. The users on the Google content network then get to see more ads, promotions and offers that the advertiser's business offers. This process is called the customer matching process.

Digital Marketing Strategies that use Customer Match.


Customer lists of your previous customers can  be generated for example the previous clients that bought tickets to an event your company launched or promoted can be targetted to receive adverts of new upcoming events in a specific country like the concert events that happen in Kampala.

Remarketing list

Customer insights

Customer match generates insights from google platforms like google shopping, which provides customer’s shopping insights and preferences.

Audience Insights generated by customer match

Email marketing

 Customer match also uses Gmail email marketing to reach customers through email. It also uses youtube to reach audiences by targeting customers that watch videos of similar fields,  products, and services.

Email marketing with customer match

A case study of a successful company that has used The Google Customer Match Extension.

Finish Line is an American sneaker company that sells premium brand sneakers like Adidas, Nike, jordans and many other premium brands. Finish Line used customer match to reach its most valuable regular customers online by creating a customer list of their valuable client base. This has led to an increase in the number of its customer matches by twice the number and gain a 235% increase in their business click-through rate.

For information on how to set up and use Google customer match click on this link.