Google message extension is an exciting google ad extension that enables your potential customers to send instant messages for inquiries to your business after seeing your ad.This feature is placed alongside your google advert’s automatically by google to convert more of your business’s leads into revenue-generating clients.

Potential clients can set up appointments, book a service or make an inquiry through the message extension tool. It is a great feature that enables your potential market to reach you easily in real-time and can be manually or automatically placed alongside your google ads.

The message extension is added automatically by google if the business goals set in your google ads is to constantly communicate and engage leads. It can also be automatically added if you have already set up a call extension on your google ad using your phone number. This enables your google ad viewers to directly message your business immediately after seeing your ad. 

An example of the Google message extension

The Google message extension ads are only shown to customers browsing the google network using mobile devices capable of sending and receiving text messages, or social media chat applications. Your business must have a phone number already set up and registered with Google AdWords that will receive messages and phone calls from potential clients.

Setting Up Google Message Extension

How Google message extension Ads works?

A clickable messaging icon is displayed alongside your google adverts. When the icon is tapped the messaging options on your mobile device pop up including text or social media chat applications that are available on the user’s mobile device. The selected messaging app chosen by the user will open and the user can then proceed to send a message to the business number attached to it. 

The google message extension can be auto replied for users in the United States, Canada, Brazil, or Australia. An advertiser is allowed to create an optional auto-reply message, which is automatically sent to customers who contact your business through the Google Ad message extension.

Advertisers worldwide and In Uganda can also choose which medium they receive their messages from such as email, text message. From the medium chosen they can reply to the message accordingly.

Another cool feature of the Google message extension is email forwarding. Messages sent from your google ad viewers can be sent to your business email for better follow-ups and easier tracking. These forwarded emails when replied to by your business correspondents can be replied to your customers in the form of text messages the viewer will receive on their phone. Your business phone number is automatically attached alongside the reply so that the viewers will be able to contact your business easily. The email forwarding feature is only available in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.

Email to text

Google message extension ads are only available on google search campaigns and google ad groups your potential clients are assigned to, google locations and google adverts that are not part of the Google Display Network. 

Google message extension ads also offer detailed reporting about the messages that have been exchanged with your audience and your business. The performance of this message is tracked in terms of response time, feedback and lead conversion rate due to the use of the extension.

A recent study by Wordstream shows a tremendous increase in the average business mobile click-through rate and engagement.

Message Extensions lead to a high click-through rate

Lastly, the benefits of the google message extensions are far-reaching and give your business google ads better flexibility and exposure at no extra cost. Adding the extension to your Google ads is relatively simple for all google ads users. It offers better exposure to grow your business by making it easier for your google ads audience to contact you.

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