The Google Analytics 360 Suite is a Web-based integrated marketing and analytics platform developed by Google to enable advertisers to fully maximize the customer insights they collect from the platform and perform custom well-tailored advertisements with other google marketing platforms like video & display 360, remarketing and Google ads. 

This suite of products enables advertisers to analyze consumer behavior on their digital business channels, generate valuable customer insights, and then provide a tailor-made customized marketing campaign that are suitable for the customers' needs and experience.

The 360 suite is not just used to provide valuable customer audience insights of your business but it is also developed to work alongside Google advertising platforms so that your business audience insights are connected and well utilized to help you reach the more high quality targeted audiences that are interested in your business products and services.

With Google analytics suite 360 you can collect great customer insights and Analytics with Display & Video 360, Google Audience center 360, Google Data studio 360.

The Google suite 360 also allows your business marketing team to make remarketing lists based on the customer Analytics data it collects. Your business marketing campaigns are then viewed by your target audience through Google’s advertising platforms such as Display & Video 360 and Google Ads. 

It gives your business a better understanding of its customers, potential customers, and audience that is interested in the business goods and services that it offers. This will enable your marketing team to deliver better marketing experiences with customers, establish better relationships with potential clients on your online digital channels and drive better business results and a faster return on investments. These insights and statistics give your marketing team a better platform to make better data-driven marketing decisions that will boost the growth of your business and its revenue streams. It also helps your business make better use of its digital channel, by providing insights that will improve their navigation a reduction in your website bounce rate with features like Google Optimize and Google Tag Manager.

Google Analytics 360 suite

The Google Analytics 360 Suite comprises multiple features which we have listed below

Google Analytics 360 Suite Home: This is a google 360 suite platform that provides an admin dashboard of the general Overview of the 360 suite. It is used by advertisers to manage the entire 360 platforms.

Google Analytics Suite Dashboard

Google Analytics 360: This Google suite 360 feature is used to develop customer insights and help your business marketing team to understand how your potential customers and clients engage with your business online.

Google Audience Center 360: This is a google suite 360 feature that is used to build audience lists for your business marketing team. The audience lists are then published to your business google marketing platform for advertisement purposes and report generation purposes in terms of business lead generation.

Google Attribution 360: This a good suite 360 feature that is used by advertisers to monitor their marketing investments and structure their campaign budgets. Your marketing team can use attribution 360 to analyze the performance of their digital marketing campaign across different digital channels, devices.

Google Optimize 360:This is a google suite 360 feature that enables advertisers to improve their business website experiments and optimize their content for different target audiences.

Google Surveys 360: This is a google suite 360 feature that enables advertisers to create online surveys on business products and services with a range of potential customers and business clients.

Organizations: Google suites 360 collects your products and users together into an organization. Since businesses always have a range of different customers and different products google suite 360 helps your business organize a target audience for each product and with its user-friendly header dashboard, advertisers can be able to switch between organizations, products, product categories, and user accounts.

360 vs Standard

Google offers two different service levels for two of its platforms.

1. Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360.

2. Google Tag Manager and Google Tag Manager 360: 

The 360 service level for each of the two platforms above has been developed for businesses and organizations that rely heavily on large amounts of data, for their marketing research and statistics. These organizations would require a range of detailed analytical tools that 360 provides in order to run a number of successful digital marketing campaigns. Examples of businesses that require 360 services in Uganda include big brands like coca-cola Uganda, Pepsi, Nile Special, MTN, Airtel and many more.

360 services can generally be used by these organizations on a daily basis to provide them business insights.

The Standard Google tag Manager and Google Analytics is custom-designed for smaller businesses with a smaller marketing budget that generally rely on less analytical data, which can be provided by the standard free google analytical tools.

Case study

Travel Money Oz is an international foreign exchange company that enables more people to explore and travel the world by making their foreign exchange relatively hassle-free and easier. In simple terms, they help travelers to buy and sell their foreign currency easily, cheaply and affordably.

Target Money Oz strategized their online marketing with the google analytics 360 suite in order for their business marketing team to understand how their customers and potential clients were interacting with their website.

The company found out that they were losing a number of substantial customers who abandoned their shopping carts without completing the transaction using google analytics 360 insights. This enabled them to better focus on this particular set of customers by adding them to an audience list generated by Google Audience Center 360. From the audience list generated the potential clients were quickly re-engaged and convinced of the value of the currency exchange platform by email. The email campaign would then successfully reach the potential clients and encourage them to take the final step toward a purchase. This led to a 175% increase in their business email open rate and a tremendous 9-time increment in the business clickthrough rate from the companies email.

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