Are you a Ugandan business owner or advertiser that is looking for a range of keywords to use to market your business on Google. Keyword Planner is an amazing google Adwords tool that enables advertisers to create and manage better google search digital marketing campaigns.

Research has shown that 91.4 percent of google's traffic is on the first page and 75 % of Google users do not go past the first page of google search results.  33% of the traffic on the first page goes to search result number one with 18% going to search result number 2 while number 3 gets traffic of about 11%. This means the lower the rank of your company website on google search results the less traffic and visibility your business will get. Keyword Planner could be the right solution that will help you improve your business online search campaigns and ranking on the google search engine.

With keyword planner, you can search for a variety of different keywords your business can use to optimize your online marketing campaigns on the google search engine. Your business sets a budget and pays for the available optimized keywords suggested by google keyword planner.

With Google keyword planner your marketing team can be able to research keywords. This google keyword feature helps your business marketing team to come up with well-optimized keywords for your campaign. With this feature, you can search for keywords relevant to the products and services that your company offers and also keywords relevant to the type of industry that your business is in.

Research keywords enable your marketing team to get better keyword forecasts and historical statistics on the search volume attached to the different keyword terms the company would like to use.

The predictions and forecasts go deep into the estimated number forecasted of the cost per thousand impressions and clicks your google ads will get with particular keywords. These forecasts can also be used to guide your marketing team on the estimated budget that the google search campaign will cost for your business.

In simple terms, the insights your marketing team will get from potential keywords that your business would like to use shows your marketing team the kind of influence the particular keywords will have on the reach and visibility of your google search campaign.

How Does Keyword Planner work?

All your business needs to set up google planner is a Gmail account and a google ads account which your business needs to register for. It is a very simple and easy process.

Once you get signed into the Google Ads account, your account must be logged into a manager account in order to be able to manage your Google ad campaigns.

Once you are logged into a manager account you can click on to the tools icon in the right-hand corner, A drop-down will open and you will be able to view and click keyword planner which is below the planner tab.

After accessing keyword planner your marketing team can basically type in and enter different keywords that they would like to use in the “new keyword `` search box.

A small description in form of words or phrases is used to describe what you are advertising and the website domain or URL of a webpage related to your business.

After filling out the basic details you can now click get started to review and get insights for the different keyword ideas your business would like to use and the monthly volume statistics it generates, alongside the competition data for the particular keyword you want to use.

What Keyword Planner Has To Offer.

With Keyword planner your marketing team and filter out results of monthly average searches a keyword your business would like to use generates, the lowest budget and cost your business would incur to appear as the number one search for a particular keyword in its location, the maximum budget your business would spend per day for your google ad to appear on top of the google search results, the percentage volume share that your competition will get from a particular keyword search, the organic impressions generated from google search, the number of impressions generated from your Google ad campaign.

keyword filtering process

Keyword planner allows your marketing team to view metrics of the search volume data that a particular keyword generates, daily, weekly and monthly, in specified locations around the globe.

Keyword planner gives a detailed visualization of search volume statistics, insights and metrics generated in different locations. The visualization is displayed in the form of easy to understand data tables, graphs, and charts. Keyword planner also provides your marketing team the ability to generate reports of the search volumes generated from different keywords your business has used and the performance of your team’s search campaigns.

Keyword statistics

Keyword planner enables advertisers to download and use different keywords that have high capabilities to trend in a particular location according to previous search history , estimates, and forecasts generated by google.  Different keywords of your campaign's choice can also be added.

Keyword ideas

Google keyword planner also provides constant updates of keyword trends, keyword forecasts and how much it would cost your business to be the top of Google results page for a trending keyword based on what other competitors and rivals are willing to pay.

Lastly, keyword planner allows advertisers to customize keyword forecast according to different date ranges, this allows your business to understand and gain better insights on seasonal traffic that particular keyword generate for example during the holidays, summer, winter or Christmas, particular products sell out higher than others therefore keyword search volumes change.

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