Business activity online is becoming a peripheral method for your business to grow, survive and thrive in this day and age.

Marketing and branding of goods and services that a business offers has been one of the biggest factors that make or break a business.

The second decade of the 21st century has seen the rise of social media and internet usage worldwide with billions of people actively using social media and the internet.

Today the digital marketing space is what almost every business and individual is talking about. Taking the first steps to set up social media pages and websites for your business has become a focal point of modern-day companies with your digital presence online representing your company in countless unprecedented ways. 

One of the suitable strategies for small businesses to get their momentum going within the competitive business marketing world today other their online presence could be none other than Scrappy Marketing

With Scrappy marketing creating awareness for your business and getting the word out there that your company exists is more important than coming up with the perfect marketing strategy.

Scrappy marketing emphasizes making an impact with both your digital and physical presence in the market with the notion that starting now and making your claim is all you need.

‘I am here’ is the first thing your web address and social media handles communicates to the rest of the world for your startup or business that is making an entrance into the digital marketing space.

As much as you may have certain aspects of your website and  business that you are looking to perfect ,or certain designs and content you would want to accomplish first which could take your business months and possibly years to build before you go live and take your business online, time and money will always be limited to come up with an everlasting digital marketing strategy for your company to grow and sustain itself ,but the one constant is that your potential clients will always be looking for a service that you can provide them right now,so scrappy marketing emphasizes throwing perfection out of the window and getting down to engaging the final consumer of your products and services immediately.

Below we list down a number of benefits that could arise from running scrappy marketing campaigns today.

1.Optimization of resources and time for your business to launch.

Considering the fact that a number of businesses have limited resources and limited time to break even in the ever-challenging African business landscape, especially in Uganda, which is one of the most entrepreneurial countries churning out a big percentage of startups and businesses every year to which unfortunately a majority do not live till their third year anniversary according to a report done by the Global Entrepreneurial Monitor. Advertising on mediums such as television and radio could cost you thousands of dollars every month, so with the limited resources you have, sending one or two people to the market to advertise your services and products and launching a campaign on social media and the web could cost you between 20 to a few hundred dollars to give your business a visible boost online to thousands of potential clients.

2.Getting your first few clients on board and generating revenue.

Not having clients in your business can surely increase your business anxiety and insecurities within a business you have heavily invested time and money in . You may be having a constant flow of clients but they may not be enough for your business to break even and eventually yield profit. Scrappy marketing comes in handy when it comes to optimizing your business and generating revenue as fast as possible. Having a few clients on board while you are still working out your business model can be a huge relief especially if you have a number of investors investing in your business or idea.

3. Eliminating the fear of failure.

Scrappy marketing campaigns with a minimal budget can get your business started and eliminate the fear of failure since perfecting your craft will be the least of your worries but getting to the client first will be your number one top priority. At the end of the day you have to admit that nothing can ever be 100% perfect or in place when you are starting out your business.

4. Research And Development

Scrappy marketing is not just about being scrappy, the end game or goal is not only to get the word out there and create awareness, but also to improve on the quality of your services and products by constantly communicating with your potential clients.

In Africa, most countries in the prestigious continent spend less than 1% of their GDP on research and development with only a handful of countries like South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, and Kenya spending more than 1%. So what other way to test and experiment on your products and services than providing them to the final consumer as soon as possible.

The reviews you get from the market will give you far much better insight than trying to perfect what is already out there, even the quality of your advertising will be set to improve over time rather than waiting for the right time and moment to save up money and brand your business why not now. The whole emphasis of scrappy marketing is that now is the time, the time to grow your business and prosper for no one knows what the future beholds.