With the growing number of social media users, it would be a lost opportunity for a business not to have a presence on these online platforms.

The moment a business starts to create social media profiles and update them regularly, the more potential customers become aware of the brand’s existence.

However, it's not enough for a business simply to create a profile on a social media site and then leave it stagnant. Nor is it a good idea to overuse the platform to push personal ideologies and beliefs. 

Either of those scenarios would instantly lead to a social media disaster, and instead of enjoying the benefits of increased market potential, customers would just be driven away.

How to avert social media disaster

  • Establish a policy for social media. Just like setting a routine for each workday, set a policy that you and the people in your office follow whenever you post on your business social media pages. The policy needs to include instructions on how to create posts on your blogs, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Pinterest. It also needs to specifically state the dos and don'ts of what is allowed.
  • Secure your password and other important information. You don’t want people hacking into your social media accounts and making negative changes that could jeopardize your business. Therefore, store important information like your social media password in a secure place.
  • Have self-control. Your patience may sometimes be tested on social media, particularly if someone says something negative about you or your business. But, if you push back, you will find yourself on the losing end. Try to keep your cool and never post anything you might regret later. The trick is to read comments, take a deep breath, and calm yourself for a few minutes, so you can then respond with composure.
  • Always proofread what you want to post. Remember that what you post online is what your business is saying to its market. If you post something with a grammatical error or that is unintelligible, customers may look down on you and be less likely to buy your product.
  • Respond quickly to comments. Whether they are full of praise, contain questions, or are negative feedback, always respond quickly to let your customers know that you are attentive and there for them.

Social media marketing companies work to help businesses establish a more professional profile on top social media networks. These agencies see to it that business profiles are updated constantly and can attract more potential leads to the company's website. This consequently results in an increase in brand awareness and sales.