Creating online data-driven google campaigns is not an easy task for any marketing team around the world. Today optimization of a digital marketing campaign to achieve a significant return on investment or faster return on Ads spend is at the forefront of every digital marketing campaign and advertiser marketing team. Getting extraordinary results and analysis of your digital campaigns, customer behavior and customer journey on your business website is a top priority for marketing firms alongside the integration of your business operations and sales data with highly recommended Google marketing tools. Google analytics 360 presents itself as the perfect tool for better data-driven marketing, digital campaign integration, real-time insights generation and better optimization of your online marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics 360 is a google platform that gives advertisers the ability to understand their customers and potential clients better, by tracking the customer's demographics, interest, age group, location and behavior from your business website in real-time. The insights generated by google analytics 360 can be used by your company’s marketing team to come up with better marketing campaigns that are data-driven and specifically tailor-made for different target audiences of your business.

Google Analytics 360 works just like google analytics but with more data transparency, control, better customer insights and a much better ability to utilize the data collected from your online digital channels with its great array of features.

Analytics 360 provides your business marketing team a user interface that will enable them to have a good understanding of the consumer experience on your business website. 

How Google analytics 360 works.

Understand your customers.

With Analytics 360 advertisers and businesses can be able to understand how different users and visitors of their website interact with the business content and information. With Analytics 360 advertisers can also learn how business customers interact with business mobile applications and what important features they navigate around most as well as the features customers view least in order for them to be changed or made more attractive.

Audience Insights

Unlock new insights.

With analytics 360 your business marketing team can unlock a number of insights about the customers and potential clients that visit your business website like their interests where they came from, their hobbies, age category, and gender. This information is vital for your marketing team to understand customers that could be interested in your products and services in order for advertisers to come up with custom made adverts that will influence them to make purchases from the business.

Analytics 360 insights

Connect insights to Google advertising campaigns.

With Google Analytics 360 insights advertisers can carry out smart data-driven digital marketing campaigns with different google advertising tools on the google marketing platform such as Display & video 360, Search Ads 360, Google ads, click to call ads and many more Google advertising tools.

Google Marketing Platform

Generate Analytical reports and make your data work for you.

With Analytics 360 advertisers can use insights generated from the platform to generate well-visualized reports that are easy to read and understand. These reports can be generated for your business marketing team and different company executives that make marketing decisions for an organization.

Google Analytics 360 also provides advertisers an easy to use interface in which they can view audience insights in tabular, graphical or chart formats that will make statistics and analytical data easy to understand.

Google analytics 360 trends reports and statistics

Connect with other Google partner solutions while working with Analytics 360.

Google Ads

With analytics 360 you can analyze and review the performance of your Google advertising campaigns. Analytics 360 also enables advertisers to import analytics 360 data into their google adverts in order for enhanced performance of their google adverts that will be data-driven, analytical and research-based, with all the insights provided by analytics 360.

Google BigQuery.

With Google analytics 360 your marketing team can access premium capabilities that can't be accessed with standard google analytics. Google analytics 360 offers data integration with your business operational database, MySQL, Google Cloud SQL and operational spreadsheet data that your business uses to log its transactions. This provides real-time data and analysis of previous transactions and real-time transactions taking place within your business. Business trends such as the data generated of the favorite business products your customers like to buy, peak hours your business makes the most sales during the day or peak seasons throughout an entire year when your business makes the most sales.

This enables your business marketing to come up with smarter data-driven campaigns in real-time.

Google Big QUERY

Display & Video 360

With Analytics 360 advertisers can be able to view and analyze the performance of Display & Video 360 media campaigns. Analytics 360 enables integration with the display & video 360 platform which is part of the google analytics 360 suites.

Display & Video 360

Search Ads 360 

With Analytics 360 advertisers can be able to view and analyze the performance of  Search Ads 360 campaigns in Analytics 360. The Search ads 360 platform is also part of the google analytics 360 suite and is integrated alongside google analytics 360.

Search ads acquisition reports


With Analytics 360 advertisers can analyze purchase activity on your business website or e-commerce website site or e-commerce mobile application. Advertisers get to see product and transaction information, purchase time, e-commerce conversion rates, product purchasing rates, and many other transaction features.

Google Analytics E-commerce

Case study-How google analytics 360 boosted Moncler's revenue by 72%

Moncler is an international clothing brand based in Europe with different branches in France, Italy and many other prime locations. The brand's collection includes an impressive line of high-end accessories and clothing for women, men, and children.

Since buying habits are constantly evolving with about 50% of modern-day shoppers looking up merchandise online before they make purchases even when the user continues to buy offline. Shoppers are collecting information online as well, with 22% of luxury shoppers consulting online videos before purchasing a luxury product, and 75% of them going on to visit the store or buy online after viewing online videos.

With consumers increasingly complementing their offline browsing and buying habits with digital activities, Moncler was keen to come up with better Digital strategies to aid their marketing investments and marketing decision making. The team understood that it needed a new system of measurement that could take into account all digital marketing performance online, as well as offline. It also wanted to develop a single source of digital information to drive informed decisions. Moncler was looking for intelligent ways to optimize its media buying through its insights.

Moncler implemented Google Analytics 360 within its digital platforms as a measurement tool to understand and share customer insights in order to create targeted advertising audiences. Next, it implemented Search Ads 360 to help manage its search engine marketing and search ad bids. Search ads 360 was Initially being used to manage and provide reports for search ads, but thanks to the integration with Analytics 360 it is now being used to optimize the business google marketing campaigns.

Using Display & Video 360, which is part of the Google Analytics 360 platform Moncler's marketing team launched the brand’s first automated google ads media campaigns. 

The automation strategy was used to optimize search media purchases alongside active automated bid campaigns for keywords with Search Ads 360.

Thanks to Google analytics 360 and its integration with the Google Marketing Platform , Moncler has achieved effective optimization and extraordinary results from its Google campaigns.

The Google display & video campaigns led to a 36% lower budget spend on cost per thousand impressions. Product page views doubled due to analytics 360 insights alongside its integrated google campaigns compared to previous online campaigns they had been running.

Overall the business experienced a 72% rise in revenue from digital advertising and a 35% increase in return on ad spend.

Use Case: Consider a Luxury retail Brand Based In Kampala Uganda, that has just set up an online e-commerce platform.

Setting up Google Analytics 360 on the e-commerce platform will enable the retail brand's marketing team to better review their customer's experience and journey on the brand's website. With Analytics 360, executives and top management of the retail outlet are able to better visualize and understand how their different customers and potential clients interact with their website.

Analytics 360 enables better lead conversions of potential customers into paying clients with its integration with automated Google Search Ads 360 bidding strategies. This eventually leads to higher returns and an increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) and an increase in transactions originating from paid search.

Using Analytics 360 and Search Ads 360’s capabilities, the company could value its existing marketing campaign activity more accurately and increase conversions.