Is your business marketing team still struggling to generate reports and insights from your online digital marketing campaigns? Are your company executives struggling to have a better visualization and understanding of your brand's marketing efforts? Google data studio is the perfect tool that can help advertisers solve the above problems.

Google Data Studio 360 is an amazing web based analytics dashboard developed by Google to help marketers and advertisers generate reports for their digital marketing campaigns.

Data studio is designed to convert your business marketing analytics data into informative, customizable, sharable and easy to read reports which can be used to track your online marketing campaigns and Return on investment.

Data Studio was released in 2015 by Google as part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite which is used to analyze online business data analytics generated from a company's digital platforms.

With data studio, advertisers can create high-level dashboards and detailed reports which can easily be shared with business personnel and marketing teams.

Data Studio offers amazing tools that your business marketing team will need to create better data visualization of your marketing campaign insights and ensure better data analysis.

Why Your Business Marketing Team Should Use Google Data Studio

Advertisers Get to Connect business data with Google

With data studio online marketers can connect data from business spreadsheets, operations databases to the business Data Studio Accounts. This data when connected in real-time through secure APIs can enable business marketing teams to have better quality customer and product insights which they can use to generate analytical reports for business owners instantly.

Google Analytics Overview using Data studio

Data Transformation

Since Google Data studio enables business owners to integrate their raw data, which includes spreadsheets and databases, this data is transformed into better-visualized tables and charts that business marketing teams can be able to view and understand. This helps them to understand their customers and their product insights better so that they can execute data-driven campaigns and generate better analytical reports.

Data transformation using graphs


With Google Data Studio advertisers can customize every detail of the marketing reports and dashboards they build. Users can add logos and different icons, make adjustments to the background, fonts and object properties which makes the visualization of the insights and data collected amazing. The Data studio template designs are also reusable and sharable with your business marketing team.

Digital data logo customization at the top

Multiple Analytical Windows and Pages

Data studio offers organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs custom analytical windows and views that are easy to understand without much technical knowledge. Users can select data from different pages and different digital media platforms that their businesses uses such as google analytics, Google adverts, and YouTube. This enables advertisers to generate separate reports for various online google marketing platforms that their businesses use.

Search Engine Optimization View

Dynamic Controls

The dynamics control feature in Data studio allows online marketers to have dynamic control over the data presentation of the insights viewed on the Data studio dashboard. Advertisers can insert date ranges, audience ages and Geo-locations that are used filter out data from visitors of a business website or customers who have purchased and been registered within the company's operational database. Advertisers can also choose from a variety of charts, tables and graphs to have a more statistical view of their business data.

Data view Dashboard

Sharing and Collaboration

With Data studio advertisers can be able to easily share insights and collaborate on creating reports with their business marketing teams. Advertising teams can synchronize and make changes to a report in real-time, All changes are automatically saved online with the google cloud so that there is no need for users to worry about their data. Access control is given to only viewers who would like to edit and make changes to your site.

Easy-to-Use Web Interface

Google data studio is very simple to use and easy to understand. It's a user-friendly tool for advertisers that use it for analysis since it provides the ability to create tables,  charts,  reports, and statistical data by simply dragging and dropping across its grid canvas.

Google Marketing Platforms That Work Alongside Data Studio

Below we list down different Google Platforms that can be used alongside Google Data studio. 

Campaign Manager

Data studio is used alongside Google Campaign Manager to create data tables and dashboards to view and measure your business marketing campaigns. With data studio, you can optimize your online marketing campaigns and ensure your business marketing team makes smarter advertising decisions.

Google Ads

With the Google data studio platform, advertisers can create real-time Google Ads with better dashboards to enhance the optimization of their Google marketing campaigns. This helps online marketers to make smarter advertising decisions. 


Data studio allows advertisers to create Google Analytics dashboards to monitor the performance of your business website and mobile apps.

Google BigQuery

With data studio, advertisers can build custom BigQuery dashboards by connecting with Google big query. This enables business marketing teams to gain insights from your company operations database. Online marketers are able to visualize and understand company business metrics in real-time when they combine the use of these amazing google analytical tools. Data studio also allows advertisers to connect to other business operations databases developed in MySQL, Google Cloud SQL, and PostgreSQL.

Google Sheets

With Data Studio advertisers can develop custom Google Sheets dashboards to manage your business spreadsheet and company data efficiently with better integration and use of your business information.


Google Data Studio is used alongside YouTube to enable advertisers to create better visualizations and analysis of business YouTube channels more efficiently. Data studio uses the YouTube API to generate instant fully customized YouTube dashboards for your business channels.

Use Case

Consider a Supermarket chain operating in Uganda in different cities and towns such as Kampala, Mbarara, Jinja and Gulu. Gathering marketing data for the supermarket chain in one central place is not a simple task, neither is sharing and organizing it. A better way to visualize the data collected can be done by using Google data studio.

Since marketing data collected by the business is gathered from different places into the business's main operational database a comprehensive presentation of the results for top managers and executives of the retail chain is needed to provide them better business analysis and performance on a daily basis.

Google Data Studio provides a well structured organized solution for presenting the daily business metrics and operations performance. It pieces together the bigger picture and allows the business marketing team to easily generate and build reports for its top management.

With google data studio the supermarket chain's marketing analysis on its various digital channels from search, pay per click advertising, its spreadsheets, its operational database and its website will be centralized in an easy to read dashboard that provides insights in real-time.

Case Study- Lucky Brands re-thinks reporting for its e-commerce site

Lucky brand is a major go-to brand for a worldwide audience of denim fashion lovers that deals in clothing apparel merchandise . Lucky brand has been operating an e-commerce store for some time and realized the need to study customer trends and behavior on their business website in order for them to stock up the products that are most valuable and exciting to their customers. Lucky brands decided to use google data studio to gather real-time information about the interests and fashion taste of the visitors and customers of their e-commerce store. The insights generated then helped the brand to carry out data-driven marketing and execute better branding decisions for their products.

The insights that Google data studio would provide would be very useful since the data will be generated in real-time, making it very relevant to share with the top management of the company. Statistics in form of graphs, charts and reports can easily be generated to make the data digestible to all members of the marketing team and the top decision-makers of the organization since data studio provides a user-friendly interface and customizable reporting tweaks that your marketing team can adjust to suit your business needs.

While using google data studio, Lucky Brand's marketing team managed to pinpoint the most informative e-commerce insights measured with Analytics 360. The metrics noted included the rate at which their clients clicked through the product list and the number of times their website visitors viewed product detail pages. With Data Studio Lucky brand's marketing team managed to convert and transform these insights into a Daily executive e-commerce report that provided revenue, transactions and conversions the e-commerce platform generated daily.

Top executives at Lucky Brand were able to have a much clear understanding of the marketing insights and could filter through the different product categories and apparel performances from their own computer screens without having to always physically check with the marketing department.

The executive reports became an instant hit for the marketing department executives and different key decision-makers who used the data to come up with better data-driven marketing campaigns. This has led to an increase in the performance of the company's sales and a higher conversion rate of the visitors of its e-commerce store into purchasing customers. The company's marketing team was also able to identify products that were under-performing and managed to rapidly come up with promotions that would move these products.

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