Many businesses in Uganda and worldwide today are looking for the right social media team. This digital marketing team bolsters a brand's online presence. In addition, social media teams also develop leads online that can generate revenue for businesses.

This is precisely why it is important to build the right social media team. Because digital marketing today is more vital for your business than ever before.

social media team
Social media team

In this article, I will highlight the different roles that make up a social media team and how they play an essential role in the growth of your business online.

Social media team roles businesses should have

Project Lead

This is the major digital marketing personnel responsible for the success of a digital marketing campaign. He is in charge of budgeting and managing the operations of the digital marketing campaign of the marketing department. He also monitors and manages other personnel part of the digital marketing department.

Community Manager

Community managers are responsible for client relations and handling client social media pages. The digital marketing process involves creating content and interacting regularly with the business clients. Ensuring the client's input is party to the digital marketing process is the community managers role.

Digital Marketing Strategist

This role is responsible for coming up with digital marketing solutions for the clients. They come with strategies and different ways the social media team can grow a business brand online. Furthermore, digital marketing strategists also focus on the SEO of the brand's website. Digital strategists also play a pivotal managerial role in digital marketing teams. They come up with a plan to execute during a campaign and determine the content to be used to promote the campaign. They decide the direction and angle the digital marketing team should take when handling an online business campaign.

Content Creator

Content creators come up with content at the instruction of the Digital Strategists. They write up content, design visuals and make digital creative artworks that will be used in a brands digital marketing campaign. Content creators are usually skilled writers or skilled media creative designers.

Digital Analyst

Digital analysts focus more on analyzing data and insights. They study insight patterns and trends that a social media team can use to run a perfect digital marketing campaign. Digital analysts study the performance of social media ads, a brand's website, google analytics, and its different website banner ads. They also monitor the performance of Google ads. In addition, they study business trends and do analytical research on competitors products and services. These insights are then provided to the digital marketing team to provide data and direction in how they should manage a campaign.

Client Service Coordinator

This role entirely focuses on service delivery to the client. They coordinate and keep tabs with the client to ensure they receive the right quality of service. Furthermore, they ensure that the social media team is implementing digital marketing strategies according to the client's recommendations.

Influencer Manager

This role focuses on the management of digital marketing influencers in a social media marketing campaign. Influencers are independent contractors within a digital marketing department that create specialized content. In other words, they are content creators that are not directly under the digital marketing department of a company. They are free agents that are knowledgeable and specialized in promoting a digital campaign online. They have a specific audience or following, which they can broadcast a brand's message to. Therefore, considering the fact that influencers aren't directly employed by a business, and have the free will to run digital campaigns in the best way they can. An influencer manager is always important to keep the influencers in the loop and focused on the task at hand.

Media Buyer

This role is specifically in charge of social media advert buys, google ad buys and any other ad purchase involved in a digital marketing campaign. Media buyers are usually well informed about marketing advertisement rates on different platforms such as television, radio, website blogs, and social media. Purchasing digital marketing technology like chatbots and analytics tools is also part of the Media buyers role.

Social Media Manager.

This role specifically manages a client's digital channels and digital platforms. They are responsible for managing the content disseminated from the business brand to the public. This means social media managers are responsible and in charge of the business social media accounts.

At Campaign Uganda, we believe if a corporate company is seeking to launch and manage a digital marketing campaign. They should consider building a di team or consider some of the above roles to have a successful marketing campaign.